Built on the governing philosophy of  “Begin from oneself, extend benevolence to all,” this school emphasizes both professional skills and humanistic literacy, inspires students’ reflections on life, and then respect life, nature, and cares about society. With a view to be an outstanding polytechnic university in Asia-Pacific area, this school targets at cultivating professionals with life caring quality and achieving anexemplary polytechnic university by stipulating the four operating strategies, “Shaping Campus with Caring and Service Passion,” “Propelling comprehensive certified evaluation of departments and graduate programs,” “ Elevating Performance of academia, industry, innovation, and research,” “Expanding overseas exchange of both faculty and students.” To achieve the above goals, we implement various action projects among administrative and teaching units.

We are composed of Teaching Section 1 and Teaching Section 2, Recruiting Section, General Affairs Section, and Language Center. Our job descriptions include undertaking class increase and adjustment of department and graduate programs, external review operation of Hungkuang Journal, on-campus daytime and nighttime curriculum affairs, freshman registration, students’ grades, graduation affairs, recruiting propaganda, and work related to enhancing teaching and assisting students in developing requisite language skills.


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